The Absolute Best Gifts for Surfers

Do you have a surfer in your life you’re looking to buy a gift for? You’ve come to the right place! I’ve comprised a list of the absolute best gifts for surfers. 

While the sport of surfing is unique in that it requires minimal equipment, there are certainly a few items that will make the surfer in your life quite happy to receive. 

This list has gifts for surfers for every budget- whether you’re looking to splurge on a surf-related gift, or looking for an equally special yet budget-friendly gift, you’ll find it all here. 

Let’s jump right in!

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Surfing Essentials

If you’re in the market for a surfing gift, you can’t go wrong with any of these surfing essentials. 

There are loads of options under $25, and the surfer in your life will thank you for your thoughtfulness in getting them one of these surfing essentials! 

Reef Friendly Sunscreen

One of the great things about surfing is getting out in nature, and soaking up the sunshine. 

Even while surfing in cold waters, your face is still exposed, and having a good sunscreen is key to preventing sun damage. 

Most cheap sunscreens have chemicals that are toxic to the ocean, and kill reefs! 

The toxic chemicals most commonly found in sunscreens are oxybenzone and octinoxate.

To keep your skin safe, and also save the coral reefs (yay!) a reef friendly sunscreen is paramount. 

These sunscreens are all under $20, so they will not only keep the surfer in your life protected from the sun, but they also won’t break the bank!

Here are my top three picks for reef friendly sunscreen:

  1. Reef-Repair Sunblock
  2. Sun Bum
  3. Ethical Zinc

If you’re shopping for a surfer and can’t think of what to get them, consider one of these sunblocks! 

Traction Pad

On its own, a surfboard has a very, very slippery surface. In addition to surf wax, the traction pad, or stomp pad on the end of the board is what keeps surfers standing upright on their boards. 

Traction pads do tend to wear down after a few years of use, so they serve as awesome surf gifts.

Dakine makes awesome surf products, and they also happen to make a great traction pad as well!


While some surfers practicing fancy footwork prefer to forgo their leash, the rest of us prefer to be tethered to our boards with a surf leash.

Over time, the saltwater and sunshine wear down on leashes, and they need to be replaced. 

Because surfboard leashes are such an important piece of equipment for surfing, yet also need to be replaced, they are one of the best gifts for surfers. 

Dakine also makes great surfboard leashes, and you can buy one here.

Surf Wax

Surf wax is one of the best gifts for a surfer you can buy. It’s cheap yet thoughtful, and makes the ultimate stocking stuffer!

Like a traction pad, surfers use wax on their boards to provide some traction and grip to stand on and not slip off. For more info on wax, check out my guide detailing exactly why surfers wax their boards.

My personal favorite brands of surf wax are Sticky Bumps and Sex Wax.

Surfboard Repair Kit

While on a surf trip, especially in a remote location the last thing surfers want to deal with is a ding. 

Even surfing at your home break, this is a major bummer.

That’s why a surfboard repair kit is one of the best gifts for surfers!

I personally love Solarez.

Fin Keys

If you’re looking for another great inexpensive gift for surfers, you can’t go wrong with a fin key.

Fin keys are the little tools surfers use to remove the fins from their surfboard. 

Since they’re so small, they have an annoying little habit of always disappearing. This is why a fin key would make a great gift for the surfer in your life!

Wax Combs

Wax combs are the tools surfers use to break up surf wax into grippy little bumps on their board. 

A wax comb makes another great and inexpensive gift for surfers!


Surfing in cold water can be extremely damaging to a surfer’s eardrums. 

If the surfer in your life frequently surfs in cold water, then surfing earplugs make one of the best surfing gifts out there!


There’s nothing more annoying than having to deal with pesky surf rash.

The best way to combat it, especially in tropical destinations, is to use a rashguard! 

Rashguards will not only prevent surf rash, but they will also provide protection from the sun- it’s a win-win.

Surfboard Fins

If you’re browsing for cool gifts for surfers, one of the most thoughtful gifts you can get the surfer in your life is a new fin, or a new set of surf fins. 

For this surfer gift, you’ll definitely want to ask what type/ size fins they need so you can buy ones that fit their board.

Future fins are awesome for shortboarders, and this xxxxx fin is just beautiful for longboarders.

Gifts for Surfers- Post Surf Essentials

While the above section covers surfing essentials, what’s equally important are the post surf essentials!

After a long surf, surfers will be exhausted and any gifts that will make their post surf experience a little more comfortable will be greatly welcomed.

Changing Poncho

For cold water surfers, the worst part of surfing is changing out of your wetsuit on the beach. 

It’s hard enough as it is to wriggle out of a skin tight suit, now throw in trying not to flash the entire parking lot and beach?

Well, one thing that makes this process a WHOLE lot easier is a surf changing poncho!

These cozy, fluffy, changing  towels make one of the absolute best presents for surfers. 

Changing Mat

When changing out of a wetsuit, one of the biggest struggles is to not rip your suit on the concrete or asphalt beneath you. 

This is where a changing mat comes into play.

It provides a soft, non abrasive surface for surfers to stand on while changing out of their wetsuit.

Wetsuit Dryer

Right up there with surf rash, climbing into a dripping wet wetsuit at 6am is simply the worst. 

If you know a surfer who struggles to dry their wetsuit every day, then a wetsuit dryer might be the perfect gift for them!

Wetsuit Shampoo

Because you can’t just throw wetsuits in the washer machine like normal clothes, they have a tendency to get pretty smelly. 

The surfer in your life will thank you if you get them one of these awesome wetsuit shampoos.

Leave-in Conditioner

While blonde surfer curls may look awesome, the sun, salt, and sea are actually super damaging to a surfer’s hair. 

A nice leave-in conditioner will make a surfer just as happy as it’ll make their hair healthy.

Surfing Books

Are you shopping for a surfer who loves to read? If so, then these surfing books might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Making Mavericks

This heart-wrenching novel is based on a true story, and is the perfect surfer gift for any surfers looking for inspiration, or simply a good story.

Barbarian Days

Do you have a nostalgic surfer in your life? Or simply someone who loves a good story?

Either way, Barbarian Days is one of the best surfing books of all time. 

It details a true surf adventure, and is a must-read for any surf enthusiast. 

In Search of Captain Zero

If you’re shopping for a surfer who loves the Costa Rica surf, or simply a good adventure story, In Search of Captain Zero is another must-read. 

Unique Gifts for Surfers

If you’re shopping for a well-equipped surfer who already owns most of the items on this list, then these unique gifts for surfers may be exactly what you need to surprise your favorite surfer with an awesome gift. 

Solar Shower

Not every surf beach has a shower to rinse off at after a surf. If you are shopping for gifts for surfers who love to surf in more remote locations, then a solar shower would be an awesome, personalized surfing gift. 

Solar showers are great because they can allow you to have a hot shower without any electricity, the sun simply heats up the water in the bag!

There are simple solar showers that sit atop your vehicle and have a nozzle that sprays the water with a little assistance from gravity. 

Pressurized solar showers are also awesome, they get a few pumps and then water will spray from the nozzle without needing to hang up the tank.

Balance Board

If you’re shopping for a beginner surfer, or a surfer who lives far from the ocean, a balance board could be the perfect gift. 

A balance board is the perfect tool for surfers to practice their popup stance, balance, and even work on strengthening outside of the water. 


One of the most terrifying aspects of surfing is sharing the water with sharks. Having grown up in an area of California that is known to be inhabited with great white sharks, I’ve lived with this fear my whole life. 

Sharkbanz use a magnetic pulse that scientists have shown may deter sharks from coming near it. 

This is a technology that has not been proven, but many people feel a lot safer surfing with Sharkbanz.

If you’re buying a gift for a surfer who may be afraid of sharks, a Sharkband could at the very least, offer a little peace of mind!

Surfing Watches

While surfers may dream of spending hours upon hours in the ocean without any responsibilities….. That’s not exactly a reality for most surfers.

These surfing watches will help the surfer in your life get out of the water in time for work, and some even report the tides!

Apple Watch

If you’re looking for luxury gifts for surfers, this is it. An Apple Watch is not only waterproof, but it also has a ton of other neat features surfers can take advantage of.

One of the coolest things about Apple Watches for surfers, is that they have their own cellular so surfers can get texts from their phone while they’re out in the lineup.

Being connected like this might not be appealing to everyone, but it can be awesome for busy parents who still want to be able to communicate with their kids, or babysitter while they’re out surfing.

Simple Waterproof Watch

If an Apple Watch isn’t in your budget, then consider one of these awesome simple watches as a surfer gift!

This simple waterproof watch got me through my 4 month surfing and backpacking trip in Costa Rica without fail.

Ripcurl Tide Watch

The Ripcurl Tide Watch is a stylish and functional surfing watch that is waterproof, keeps track of the tides in your location, and even has a backlight. 

This is not only a great gift for surfers, but also ocean lovers in general!

Shark Watch

If you’re looking for a watch in the price range a little above the simple watch, but can’t quite afford an Apple Watch, a shark watch might be a good option. 

They come in fun colors, and are incredibly sturdy watches. 

Keep in mind, this is different from Sharkbanz, and does not produce an electromagnetic pulse. 

It’s just a really awesome surfing watch, and a great gift for surfers!


If you’re looking for gift ideas for surfers that also love surf photography, then a camera might be the perfect gift for them.

However, not all cameras are created equal when it comes to surf photography, and you’ll have to know if they want to shoot from the water or from outside the water with a zoom lens. 

Also, for surf photography a really fast camera is necessary.

Here are my top picks:

Go Pro

You really can’t go wrong with a GoPro in terms of surf gadgets. They’re small, waterproof, and come with SO many different surfing add-ons!

The technology with GoPros has gotten insanely good, and they’re incredibly easy to use even if you have absolutely zero photography skills. 

I really can’t recommend a GoPro enough as a great gift for surfers. 

Sony Alpha 

Sometimes surfers are more interested in shooting from the beach than from the water, in which case the Sony Alpha 6000 is the go to option.

At 27 frames per second, this fast little camera is prime for shooting surf photography. 

As far as quality cameras go, it’s also at an incredibly affordable price point as well!

Final Thoughts on the Best Gifts for Surfers

That concludes our list of the best gifts for surfers. 

Whether you’re shopping for a surfer who loves the newest gear, or someone who likes keeping it more old school, I hope there’s a gift on this list for them. 

If you think I left anything out, let me know in the comments!

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