Surfing in Taghazout- Your Ultimate Guide

Morocco and specifically Taghazout have a special place in my heart because that is the place where I started surfing.

I also did a surf trip to Morocco in a campervan and lived in the Taghazout area for six months. So, if you are thinking about booking a Taghazout surf trip, I have got you covered. 

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Taghazout surf overview

Surfer riding a wave at 
Anchor Point in Taghazout Morocco
Anchor Point

The Taghazout surf provides world class waves for all skill levels, from mellow beach breaks at Panorama’s, or the world-famous Anchor point. This town just breathes surf and there are many surf spots for all skill levels. 

If you can not bring your own board, there are many spots to rent all the equipment needed. And the town has a variety of good restaurants. 

How to get to Taghazout

Agadir airport is 40 kilometers away from Taghazout. You can fly there and take a taxi to Taghazout. 

This will cost you around $30. Make sure to negotiate the price beforehand. You can also take a private shuttle for around the same price or rent a car at the airport and drive yourself, although driving in Morocco can be a bit challenging. 

The different Taghazout surf breaks

Anchor Point

Surfer riding a wave at Anchor Point in Taghazout Morocco
Surfer riding a wave at Anchor Point

The Taghazout surf became mostly famous because of this surf spot. Anchor point is a right hand point break that can provide very long rides when provided with the right conditions. 

You can choose the long paddle out or, like most people do here, go down the rocks and just jump in from there. This spot works best on a high to mid tide, low tide also works but a shallow reef will appear. 

The wave is not that hollow and provides long walled waves. So, a longboard can work really well here. 

This spot is for intermediate to advanced surfers. On the busy days it can get a little heavy on the localism here. 


Surfer riding a big wave at Boilers in Taghazout Morocco

It is called boilers because of the ship boiler in the water. It is really tricky to get in and out of the water here, because of some slippery rocks and urchins. Boilers is best surfed during low to mid tide. The break performs best with a northwest to west swell, and it also works with a small tide. 

Boiler is a very powerful wave and is best surfed with a short board or a fish. This spot is for intermediate or advanced surfers. 

The boiler in the water at boilers, a famous Taghazout surf spot
The Boiler, aka the namesake of the break


The ideal swell direction for Dracula is from the west, with a preference for northwest swells.

The spot is known for handling big swells effectively, and the best wave size is typically 6 feet and above. These conditions contribute to Dracula’s reputation for offering long and challenging rides​. 

This Taghazout surf spot works best with low to mid tide. Draculas is a very fast barreling wave so a shortboard or a fish work best for this spot. 

The wave is  most suitable for intermediate to advanced surfers. 

Killer Point

This surf spot gets his name because of some killer whale sightings in this area. Killer Point is a right-hand break but with low tide and small swell, a left will appear. 

This spot is one of the most consistent spots in the Taghazout area, that just sucks in the swell and the peaks change along with the tide. 

Be aware of some rocky bottoms here, especially with low tide. The best swell for this spot is west to northwest. 


Panoramas is the most famous beginner surf spot in Taghazout, because of its sandy bottom, many peaks and different wave sizes. This spot can be surfed with all tides, depending on your skill level. 

Low to mid tide have the best conditions for beginners. This spot can be surfed with a longboard, and with a bigger swell you can surf with a short board or a fish. 

La Source

surfing in Taghazout at La Source
La Source

La Source is known for its performance walls and a high lifting A-frame that rises slowly, making it particularly suitable for beginner surfers. 

This spot works best on mid tide. There is a rocky bottom with also some sandy sections.

Devil’s Rock

South of Taghazout you can find Devil’s Rock, an overall consistent beach break with a left breaking wave. The best swell direction for surfing Devil’s Rock is from the Northeast. 

Devils Rock is best surfed during mid to high tide. This spot is suitable for all skill levels and can be surfed with a shortboard, a fish or a longboard. 

Banana Beach

A little bit outside of Taghazout you will find Banana Beach. This is a well-known beginners spot in the area, which has a mellow right break that can offer some long rides. 

The best swell for this spot is from the northwest and this wave is best surfed during mid to high tide. Banana Beach is a good surf spot in Taghazout for all skill levels. 

With a big enough swell, you can go with a shortboard or a fish, but a longboard works perfectly in this spot. This spot is at a river mouth so be aware of some polluted water during heavy rainfall. 


This spot has a consistent beach with a peak that goes both left and right. It works best with a Northwest swell and is best surfed mid to high tide. This spot is suitable for all skill levels and is also a known beginners beach. The best board for here will be a fish or a longboard, but with a big enough swell, a shortboard will also work. 


Aerial shot of the surf in the bay in Imsouane Morocco, one of the best places to surf in October

Imsouane is a short drive from Taghazout but worth it. 

This spot is not as crowded as the rest of Taghazout and provides very consistent waves for all skill levels, which go both left and right. Imsouane works best with a northwest swell and is best surfed with low to mid tide. 

If the swell is big enough there can be some barrels. The wave can be surfed with all types of boards, so just take out whatever board you are most comfortable with. 

Best swell(s) for Taghazout Morocco:

Overall, the best swell for the Taghazout surf is west to northwest, with most spots working with a Northwest swell direction. 

Best time of year for surfing in Taghazout

The best time for surfing in Taghazout, Morocco, varies depending on your skill level. 

For more experienced surfers, the ideal period is from late September to the end of April. This is when the North Atlantic swells hit the surf spots around Taghazout, creating optimal conditions for surfing​​​​. 

The period from October to April is generally recommended for more consistent conditions. In fact, This area is one of the best places in the world for an October surf trip!

Surfing in Taghazout is possible year-round, but peak surf season typically occurs between December and March when the biggest winter swells arrive from the North Atlantic​​. 

For those seeking bigger waves, the winter months, particularly from November to March, are going to be your best bet.

Surf shops in Taghazout

There are many surf shops in the Taghazout area where you can rent a board and a wetsuit.

The most popular ones are Sun Surf Shop, Taghazout Beach and JB Surfboards

If you need your board fixed, I recommend you head over to Hadam Surfboard or Surf Shop Rasta for ding repair. 

There is also a ding repair shop in Imsouane called Imsouane Ding Repair, this one is a bit cheaper than the ones in Taghazout. 

Where to eat in Taghazout

Moroccan cuisine is truly amazing! With all the spices and colorful dishes, it is always a treat to eat good, traditional Moroccan food, like a tajine or couscous. You can buy fish fresh from the local fisherman if you want to cook yourself. But Taghazout provides lots of local restaurants with traditional Moroccan dishes. 

I can definitely recommend L’Auberge. They have a great menu, and I particularly enjoyed my breakfasts there! 

The view is also a plus, as it is situated in the center of Taghazout right next to the ocean. If you enjoy seafood, I recommend you check out Rooftop Restaurant

If you want to try typical local dishes in a relaxed environment you can check out Le Petit Kawa. They also serve vegan dishes! 

Keep in mind: most restaurants in Taghazout do not serve alcohol. You can get alcohol in a lot of hostels or at supermarkets like Marjane. 

Taghazout Surf FAQ’s

Is Taghazout safe?

For the most part, Taghazout is safe to travel to.

If you’re driving, be aware that road conditions and driving styles in Morocco can differ significantly from what you might be used to. Be cautious, particularly on rural roads, and do not drive in the dark. 

Also keep in mind that Morocco is a Muslim country, and it’s important to respect local customs and traditions. 

Is Taghazout expensive?

As far as surf trips go, Taghazout is one of the most affordable surf trip destinations in the world. Accommodations start around $10, meals at $3-$6, and surf lessons start at around $25-$35 a lesson.

Is Taghazout a good surf town for beginners?

Taghazout surf provides many spots for beginners such as Panorama’s or Banana beach. And it is full of surf schools and has different surf camps. 

Do you need a car to surf in Taghazout?

Taghazout is renowned for its variety of surf spots, many of which are within walking distance or a short drive from the village. 

If you’re staying in or near Taghazout, several spots can be accessed on foot, especially for those who don’t mind carrying their boards for a bit. 

So, a car is not absolutely necessary, especially if you use local surf services. And many surf camps in Taghazout provide transportation to the spots with the best conditions. 

Do you need a wetsuit to surf in Taghazout?

The temperature of the Atlantic Ocean around Taghazout ranges from 60°F (15.6°C) in December to 72°F (22.2°C) in July. So, I definitely recommend a wetsuit. At least 2-3 mm. 

What to do while you’re not surfing in Taghazout

I definitely recommend visiting Paradise Valley, a breathtaking oasis near Taghazout, located in the Atlas Mountains. Paradise Valley is famous for its natural pools, rock formations, and scenic trails. 

There are many places that offer tours to Paradise Valley for some time away from the beach and truly enjoy paradise! 

Ask beforehand if the waterfalls are working because it can be dry sometimes. 

You can also visit Agadir and go to the souk there. If you are in Marocco you have to visit a souk at least once just for the experience. You’ll find an excess of beautiful colored spices, fruit, vegetables, meat, and also beautiful clothing and typical Moroccan woven cloths. 

If you want to buy some of the famous argan oil, you can visit a women’s cooperative. 

They support the women in the area who are in need of an income. If you buy from the cooperative, you are buying a fair argan oil, and it assures the woman making it will get a fair pay. 

Other tips for Taghazout surf

If you really want to enjoy the Taghazout surf, you can hire a local surf guide. They have all the knowledge about the Taghazout surf spots and waves. 

Taghazout surf guide- final thoughts

Overall Taghazout is a perfect place for surfing. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, there will be world class waves for everybody- especially during the peak  surf season. 

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