The 4 Best Surf Shops in Pismo Beach

I grew up in SLO County, in a surfing family, and spent pretty much all of my weekends surfing, walking around, and hanging out in Pismo Beach. In addition to surfing in Pismo Beach, one of my favorite things to do in Pismo was check out all the great Pismo Beach surf shops! 

Whether you’re looking to find some gifts for surfers, shop for souvenirs, shop for surf equipment, or rent surf equipment, there are some fantastic Pismo Beach surf shops. 

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1. Panchos

Panchos is one of my favorite Pismo Beach surf shops. This surf shop is located just steps away from the Pismo Beach pier, one of the main places to surf in Pismo Beach! 

Panchos carries a wide selection of shoes and apparel, in addition to a great selection of wetsuits, new surfboards, and used surfboards for sale. They also carry booties, earplugs, leashes, fins, surf wax, surf ponchos, beach towels, sunscreen, chapstick, skateboards, and other fun surf accessories.

If you need any surf gear for surfing around Pismo, Panchos is the best place to get it. Not just because they have such a great selection, but also because they’re practically on the pier

Panchos is also one of my favorite places to go shopping in Pismo Beach. In addition to carrying all of the best surf brands, they also have their own really neat line of merch. 

2. Esteem

Esteem is another fantastic surf shop in Pismo Beach. They don’t have as large of a selection as Panchos, but they do carry a really unique, curated selection of their own merch and other surf brands. 

Esteem has their own unique merch selection which features some of my favorite tees and hoodies- especially for men. They also carry a nice surfboard selection, leashes, surf watches, coffee mugs, fins, and some other good surf gear. 

One of my favorite things about Esteem is their “Not LA, Not the Bay” slogan, which they have on stickers, mugs, etc. If you’re looking for a really unique piece for yourself, or a unique gift for someone else, Esteem is a great Pismo surf shop to check out. Esteem also offers surfboard rentals, and surfboard lessons. 

Plus, with their own coffee bar right inside, Esteem is not only one of the best surf shops in Pismo Beach, but also one of the best places to grab a coffee in Pismo. 

3. Moondoggies Beach Club

Moondoggies is another phenomenal surf shop in Pismo Beach. Like Panchos & Esteem, they carry a mix of apparel from other surf brands, and their own fantastic line of clothing. I love their hoodies and zip-up jackets! 

In addition to clothes, Moondoggies also has a small selection of surfboards and wetsuits for sale, skateboards, and a great selection of surfing booties and other pieces of essential surf equipment. Moondoggies also has a larger location in San Luis Obispo that’s worth a visit. 

4. Shell Beach Surf Shop

Shell Beach Surf Shop is another of the best surf shops in Pismo Beach. You’ll find this surf shop in neighboring Shell Beach, about 4 miles from the Pismo Pier. This surf shop carries a great selection of surfboards, wetsuits, mens, women’s, and kids clothing, sunglasses, shoes, skateboards, and more. 

Shell Beach Surf Shop is also a great place to rent surf equipment, and also to book a surf lesson. 

Want to learn to surf in Pismo Beach?

Pismo Beach is one of the best beginner surf spots in California, and I highly recommend learning to surf here. If you want to book a surf lesson, I highly recommend booking with Sandbar Surf School

The instructors are great, the owner is a gem, and they do a great job of sharing the stoke. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place to surf in Pismo Beach?

The best place to surf in Pismo Beach is right under the pier on the north side. However, you can really surf anywhere along the beach- the best spots do tend to be within a half mile or so of the pier on either side. For more info, check out my local’s guide to surfing in Pismo Beach

What time of day is best to surf Pismo Beach?

Usually, early morning before the winds pick up, and late afternoon/evening are the best times to surf in Pismo Beach. However, if there are offshore winds all day, you can pretty much have a blast surfing any time in Pismo Beach. 

Can you surf at Avila Beach?

If you’re an absolute beginner, you can usually catch some white water waves in Avila Beach. However, the surf in Avila usually tends to close out, and isn’t great. I recommend learning to surf in Pismo instead! 

Sometimes during rare, big big winter swells Avila can have some fun, fast, steep barrels- but this is really rare. 

Is Morro Bay good for surfing?

Yes! The surf in Morro Bay is fantastic, and one of my favorite surf spots in California

Where can I surf in Cal Poly?

Cal Poly is located in San Luis Obispo, so it’s in a pretty great location to reach several great SLO County surf spots. Typically though, Cal Poly students surf in Morro Bay, or Pismo. Fun fact- Cal Poly is one of the best colleges for surfers

Enjoy the best surf shops in Pismo Beach

In conclusion, the surf shops in Pismo Beach are more than just retail outlets; they are repositories of the local culture, echoing the surf culture that makes Pismo Beach so great.Next time you find yourself shopping in Pismo Beach, make sure to check out these surf shops – you’ll thank me later!

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