5 Best Sagres Surf Camps Reviewed {2023}

White washed buildings, sparkling beaches, and Atlantic swells coming in and creating waves for two separate coastlines- the surf in Sagres is some of the best in Portugal. 

Whether you’re an experienced surfer looking to meet some new surfing buddies, or an absolute beginner looking to learn to surf in Portugal, a surf camp in Sagres is one of the most amazing experiences. 

And Sagres now has a ton of different options for surf camps! Whether you’re looking for something more backpacker friendly, luxury accommodations, or a super regimented surf program- you can find it in Sagres. 

To help you find the perfect surf camp in Sagres, I’ve rounded up the 5 best Sagres surf camps to help you plan the perfect surf trip to this absolutely stunning Portuguese surf town

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In a hurry? Here’s a quick rundown of the best Sagres surf camps:

1. Sagres Natura Surf Camp-Best Budget Sagres Surf Camp 

2. Sagres Sun Stay-Best Sagres surf camp for beginners

3. Wavy Surf Camp Portugal– Glamping surf camp in Sagres

4. International Surf School– Best surf camp in Sagres for video analysis

5. Pure Flow Motions Surf & Yoga Holiday-Best luxury Sagres surf retreat

Why book a surf camp in Sagres?

Organizing a surfing trip can be a pretty big undertaking. It involves booking a place to stay, arranging transport to and from the coast, and either bringing your own surf gear or renting it there, among other things. Don’t get me wrong, I do love planning and piecing a surf together this way.

HOWEVER, there are moments when it’s quite refreshing to just arrive and find everything sorted out for you. Or maybe you don’t have enough time in your busy schedule to plan a whole surf trip from scratch. 

This is when booking a surf camp comes into play. 

There’s no need to stress about arranging lessons, lodging, surfboard hire, or even meals in some instances! All of this is usually bundled in your surf camp package.

Furthermore, surf camps are a fantastic opportunity to connect with new people and encounter fellow surf enthusiasts. And, surf camps, particularly those in Portugal, offer exceptional value for money. When all is taken into account, occasionally opting for a surf camp could be more cost-effective than independently planning and booking everything.

How to choose from the best Sagres surf camps


When choosing from the best surf camps in Sagres, one of the most important factors to consider is budget. Sagres has everything from budget surf camps where you sleep in a dorm, to super high-end luxury retreats in oceanfront accommodations

For your reference, I’ve taken note of the price point of each Sagres surf camp so you can choose one that’s well within your budget. 

Skill Level

Your skill level as a surfer is also super important to consider when choosing a surf camp. Almost all of these surf camps cater to beginner surfers, with Sagres Sun Stay being the best surf camp for beginners. 

However, not all of these surf camps cater to more intermediate and advanced level surfers. 

Time of year

Although the season doesn’t directly influence which Sagres surf camp you opt for, it is still important to take it into account when planning your surf trip.

Sagres surf on the west coast can definitely get big in the winter, so if you’re a beginner, it’s likely better to visit during the summer or early autumn months.

For those seeking enjoyable, medium-sized waves, we recommend visiting Sagres in the fall. If you’re eager to tackle larger waves, consider attending a Sagres surf camp in the winter months.

With that said- Sagres is super unique given that it has coastline on both the west and south coast of Portugal. This means that in the winter, when all of the other surf spots in Portugal are way too big, you can still find smaller waves on the south coast of Sagres! Which is pretty awesome for beginners in particular who still would love to take a surf trip to Sagres in the winter. 

Moreover, the time of year you visit Portugal significantly affects the cost of various aspects of your trip. Seasonal pricing applies to rental cars, campervans, hotels, and surf camps in Portugal.

Summer is the peak high season, with the highest prices for most services. Fall follows closely behind in terms of expense. Winter offers the most budget-friendly options, while spring is the second most affordable season.

I took my Portugal surf trip in the fall and had an amazing time. The crowds were manageable, and both the water and air temperatures were pleasantly warm.

Do they offer video analysis

Video analysis is one of the best ways to improve your surfing quickly. More and more surf camps are offering video analysis which is super awesome. If you’re specifically looking for a surf camp in Sagres that offers video analysis, I recommend going to the International Surf School Surf Camp, because they offer video analysis. 

All-inclusive or no

​​Another important aspect to consider when selecting a surf camp in Sagres is whether you prefer an all-inclusive surf camp or one that isn’t.

All the surf camps mentioned offer accommodation and surf lessons, but some also include all your meals. Most of the surf camps in Sagres do include breakfast and lunch, but some don’t include dinner.

Choosing an all-inclusive surf camp can be an excellent option if you’d rather not worry about food and instead concentrate on surfing and enjoying your time.

On the other hand, if you’re budget-conscious, you might prefer a surf camp with a shared kitchen. Alternatively, if you enjoy exploring local restaurants, opting for a surf camp that doesn’t provide all meals allows you to discover the delights of Portuguese cuisine at your own pace.

And Sagres has a lot of good restaurants to explore! 

5 amazing surf camps in Sagres

Without further ado, here are the 5 best surf camps in Sagres:

1. Sagres Natura Surf Camp– Best Budget Sagres Surf Camp 

Sagres Natura/
Sagres Natura Surf Camp
  • Availability: Check Here
  • Price Point: Starting at $488 for 7 nights and 8 days

If you’re a beginner or intermediate surfer looking for an amazing surf camp in Sagres that is also super affordable, take a look at Sagres Natura Surf Camp

At Sagres Natura Surf Camp, the experienced surf instructors are well-versed in the local breaks and have mastered all technical aspects of surfing. The camp is designed for beginners and intermediates, offering two surf lessons or surf guiding sessions depending on your skill level, and 5 total days of surfing. 

Included in your Sagres surf camp package are all the necessary surfing equipment, such as a board and wetsuit, daily transportation to the beach, and insurance. Additionally, the camp provides daily healthy breakfasts and lunches, ensuring you have the energy to tackle the waves. For dinner, you have the freedom to explore the wide variety of restaurants in Sagres, or you can choose to cook in the hostel kitchen.  I definitely recommend going out at least one of the nights during your stay, as Sagres has a lot of really great restaurant options. 

Accommodation at Sagres Natura Surf Camp consists of a 7-night stay in a charming, traditional Portuguese home. The house features a large garden area, perfect for socializing and unwinding after a day of surfing. The camp also has a ping pong table, swings in the garden, a TV lounge, a pool table, balance games, and more.

Not only does Sagres Natura Surf Camp provide an unforgettable Sagres surf camp experience for both beginner and intermediate surfers, but it is also one of the most affordable surf camps in the region. With a focus on surf lessons or surf guiding, delicious meals, and a comfortable stay in a traditional Portuguese home, Sagres Natura Surf Camp easily ranks as one of the best surf camps in Sagres. Especially if you’re on a budget!

Special features:

  • Super affordable
  • Surf camp has a pool table, balance game, ping pong, swings, and lovely garden
  • Famous Friday Night BBQ party
  • Breakfasts and lunches included

2. Sagres Sun Stay– Best Sagres surf camp for beginners

Sagres Sun Stay Surf Camp
Sagres Sun Stay
  • Availability: Check Here
  • Price Point: Starting at $533 for 7 nights & 8 days

If you’re a beginner surfer searching for an incredible Sagres surf camp experience, look no further than Sagres Sun Stay. Sagres Sun Stay takes surfing pretty seriously- you’ll follow an extremely well thought out surfing program, which will teach you  literally everything you need to know when it comes to learning to surf! 

Sagres Sun Stay provides a 5-day surf program that includes two 90-minute surf classes per day, led by experienced surf teachers who know the local breaks like the back of their hands. During the lesson hours, you’ll have full access to boards and wetsuits from the camp. The camp also provides transfers to and from surf spots, ensuring you have a hassle-free experience.

Your surf camp package includes 7 nights of accommodation at Sagres Sun Stay, a modern and stylish surf camp that offers a variety of lodging options. Choose from budget-friendly dorms where you can socialize and meet fellow surfers, or treat yourself to a luxurious private room with heated floors, flat-screen TVs, private bathrooms, and pool views.

Sagres Sun Stay boasts probably the nicest facilities out of any Sagres surf camp. During your stay, you can take advantage of the gorgeous pool, fitness machines, and on-site bar to unwind after a day of surfing. 

When it comes to meals, Sagres Sun Stay has you covered. The surf camp package includes seven breakfasts, five lunchboxes on surfing days, and six dinners at the on-site restaurant. Please note that they don’t do dinner during the low season- November 1st and March 15th. Don’t let that discourage you though, there are tons of awesome restaurants in Sagres and it’s really fun to go out and explore.

If you’re looking for a surf camp in Sagres that has a really structured surf program and highly focuses on surfing- Sagres Sun Stay is the best option.

Special features:

  • Super structured surf program that’s perfect for beginners
  • 5 days of surfing, including 2 lessons a day
  • The nicest surf camp facilities in Sagres

3. Wavy Surf Camp– Glamping surf camp in Sagres

Wavy Surf Camp Sagres surf camps
Wavy Surf Camp
  • Availability: Check Here
  • Price Point: Starting at $537 for 7 nights & 8 days

If you’re searching for a unique Sagres surf camp that offers a unique and immersive experience, Wavy Surf Camp is the perfect choice. Catering to surfers of all skill levels, this camp combines daily surf lessons with comfortable glamping accommodations and a range of amenities that will will leave you feeling relaxed, recharged, and greatly improve your surfing.

Wavy Surf Camp provides 5 days of two-hour surf lessons tailored to your skill level, ensuring you catch the perfect waves in Sagres. Additionally, the camp offers access to surfboards during lessons, liability and sports accident insurance, and free surfing time after lessons, allowing you to fully embrace the surf lifestyle.

Your surf camp package includes 7 nights of accommodation in luxury glamping tents, a fantastic opportunity to unplug and reconnect with nature. The tents are fitted with carpets, mattresses, bedside tables, and electricity, combining comfort and style with an authentic outdoor experience.

Transfers to surf spots and the beach are included in the package, as well as daily meals. Over the course of your stay, you’ll enjoy 7 breakfasts, 5 beach lunches, and 5 dinners with dessert in the Surf Camp. Please note that lunch and dinner on Sunday and Thursday are not provided, offering you the chance to explore the local cuisine in Sagres.

To further enhance your stay, Wavy Surf Camp offers a host of fun activities and amenities. Challenge yourself on the volleyball court, socialize at the on-site bar, or engage in some friendly competition at the ping pong table. Free Wi-Fi is also available, ensuring you can stay connected when needed.

With a focus on comprehensive surf lessons, unique glamping accommodations, and a wide range of amenities, Wavy Surf Camp stands out as one of the best surf camps in Sagres. Immerse yourself in the surf culture and enjoy a truly memorable experience at Wavy Surf Camp.

Special features:

  • Glamping tents
  • 5 days of two hour surf lessons
  • All meals included except for 2 dinners

4. International Surf School Epic Surf Camp– Best surf camp in Sagres for video analysis

International Surf School
International Surf School
  • Availability: Check Here
  • Price Point: Starting at $617 for 7 nights & 8 days

If you’re looking for a Sagres surf camp that combines fantastic instruction,super comfortable amenities, video analysis, and a focus on sustainability, International Surf School Epic Surf Camp is the perfect choice. Suitable for all skill levels, this camp offers an unforgettable experience. The best part? You’re only a 3-minute walk from the beach.

At International Surf School Epic Surf Camp, you’ll do 5 days of surf lessons, with each session lasting 3 hours. The instructors here are really really good. They have a ton of experience teaching surfing, and can really help you fine-tune your surfing.All equipment needed for your surf sessions is provided, along with daily beach transfers. You just need to show up ready to go! 

This Sagres surf camp includes 7 nights of really high-end accommodations. The camp has air conditioning, several lounging areas, and even a BBQ. If you still want to meet other travelers but aren’t super keen to rough it- this is a great option. 

What really sets International Surf School Epic Surf Camp apart is that they offer video analysis. The camp includes 2 video analysis sessions over the course of the week, and they do so in small groups, so they don’t miss your waves. This allows you to review your surfing technique and make improvements more effectively. Additionally, the camp is smaller in size, creating a more intimate and quieter environment for relaxation and learning.

In line with the camp’s eco-friendly ethos, they strive to limit plastic use and purchase all local ingredients for breakfasts. Included in your package are healthy breakfasts, water, coffee, and tea. This surf camp doesn’t include dinner, so it’s a great option if you love going out to eat and want to spend nights out in beautiful Sagres.

International Surf School
International Surf School

Special features:

  • Eco-friendly
  • 2 video analysis sessions
  • Small, intimate surf camp
  • Located only 3 minutes from the beach
  • High quality accommodations with air-conditioning

5. Pure Flow Motions Surf Retreat– Best luxury Sagres surf retreat

Pure Motions Flow Retreat
Pure Motions Flow Retreat
  • Availability: Check Here
  • Price Point: Starting at $1,962 for 6 nights & 7 days

If you’re a beginner or intermediate surfer looking for a luxurious and transformative Sagres surf camp experience, Pure Flow Motions Surf Retreat should be at the top of your list. This 7-day luxury surf and yoga retreat takes place at one of the most high-end hotels in Sagres, the oceanfront Memmo Baleeira Hotel.The four-star hotel boasts stunning ocean views and a full-service spa for guests to indulge in during their stay.

Keep in mind, the primary focus of this specialty surf camp in Sagres isn’t on surfing. It’s on overall wellness and growth. However, the camp does include three surf lessons!  In addition to the surf lessons, the retreat also includes an array of complementary activities such as yoga, breathwork, and meditation sessions, making it perfect for those seeking a well-rounded, health-focused getaway.

As part of the Pure Flow Motions Surf Retreat experience, you’ll enjoy three healthy daily meals, including breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and drinks. This alcohol-free surf camp emphasizes a focus on health and well-being, providing the perfect environment for personal growth and relaxation.

Overall, Pure Flow Motions Surf Retreat offers a truly unparalleled Sagres surf camp experience. With its luxurious accommodations, comprehensive wellness program, and picturesque oceanfront location, this retreat provides an ideal setting for both personal growth and unforgettable memories. If you’re seeking an upscale, health-focused surf camp in Sagres, look no further than Pure Flow Motions Surf Retreat.

Special features:

  • Singing bowls session (a deep meditation session with Tibetan singing bowls)
  • Oceanfront, luxury accommodations 
  • All meals included
  • 11 yoga and mind and motion sessions (yoga, breathwork, Qigong, mindfulness)

Sagres surf camp FAQs

How do you prepare for a surf camp?

To prepare for a surf camp, make sure to pack essential items such as swimwear, a wetsuit, sunscreen, beach towels, and comfortable clothing for relaxing after surf sessions. It’s also helpful to do some physical preparation, like swimming or practicing balance exercises, to ensure you’re in good shape for your surf lessons.

When is the best time to go to a surf camp in Sagres?

The best time to visit a surf camp in Sagres depends on your skill level and wave preferences. For beginners, summer and early autumn months are ideal, with smaller waves and warmer weather. For more experienced surfers seeking medium-sized waves, fall is a great time to visit, while winter months offer the opportunity to tackle larger swells.

What do I need to pack for a Sagres surf camp?

When packing for a Sagres surf camp, be sure to include the following items:

  • Swimwear
  • Wetsuit (if you have your own. If not, the surf camps will have one for you!)
  • Reef Safe Sunscreen
  • Beach towel
  • Comfortable clothing for after-surf relaxation
  • Sunglasses and a hat
  • Waterproof camera or GoPro (optional)
  • Personal toiletries and medications
  • Travel adapter (if needed)
  • Travel insurance documentation
  • Passport and any required visas

For more information, take a look at my ultimate Portugal surf trip packing list.


In conclusion, Sagres offers a fantastic range of surf camps for all skill levels and budgets. From budget-friendly options like Sagres Natura Surf Camp to luxurious retreats like Pure Flow Motions Surf Retreat, there’s a perfect surf camp experience waiting for you in this beautiful coastal town. No matter which camp you choose, you’ll be sure to have an incredible time, improve your surfing skills, and create lasting memories.

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Happy surfing!

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