Dominical Surf Guide

Dominical, Costa Rica, is one of the best surf spots in Costa Rica. Located on the Central Pacific of Costa Rica, this sleepy surf town truly comes alive when swells arrive. When there’s a big swell in town, big wave surfers from all over the country flock to Dominical. That being said, Dominical isn’t all … Read more

Jalama Beach Surf

Jalama beach surf

Jalama Beach, California is probably one of the most consistent surf spots in California. Located right next to Point Conception, it picks up all the south swells that Santa Barbara misses out on, making it a perfect summer surf destination. If you’re looking to surf some fun, uncrowded waves, the Jalama Beach Surf Spot is … Read more

Pismo Beach Surf: A Local’s Guide

Pismo Beach Surf

Everyone knows about the fantastic surf of Southern and Northern California. Trestles, Pleasure Point, Ocean Beach- those are all household names in the surfing sphere. And they have all have some epic surf, don’t get me wrong. Meanwhile, the Central Coast of California, nestled right in between Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara, has some real … Read more