7 Best Beginner Surf Spots in Costa Rica

Costa Rica surf for beginners

Costa Rica has some of the best surfing in the world- for beginners, intermediate, and advanced surfers alike.  If you’re wanting to learn how to surf, the warm waters, consistent swells, and variety of beaches make Costa Rica a great place to learn!  However, there are a ton of different beaches in Costa Rica, and … Read more

13 Best Hotels in Nosara for Every Budget

Nosara Costa Rica is a quaint surf town located in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica. In Nosara, you can find great surf, unspoiled beaches, and delicious restaurants.  Due to its growing popularity, it can be difficult to find accommodations in Nosara, particularly during the high season in Costa Rica, from late November- April.  To … Read more

Puerto Viejo Surf- Your Ultimate Guide

Playa Cocles Costa Rica Surf

Puerto Viejo is a small but busy surf town on Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coastline. It is best known for black sand beaches, crystal clear waters, reggae music, and an overall, laid-back vibe.  The Puerto Viejo surf is notoriously gnarly, and hosts the infamous Salsa Brava, AKA the Costa Rican Pipeline, as well as a few … Read more

13 Fun Things to Do in Santa Teresa Costa Rica

santa teresa surf town

Without a doubt, Santa Teresa is one of the coolest places in Costa Rica. It’s remote, it’s beautiful, it has miles and miles of beautiful coastline, and a laid-back, beachy culture.  What’s even better is that there are TONS of things to do in Santa Teresa. Whether you’re a backpacker, surfer, (bonus points for surfing … Read more

22 Authentic Things to Do in Nosara Costa Rica

Things to do in nosara

Nosara is a small beach town located in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica. With beautiful, untouched beaches, lush green jungles, and home to some of the friendliest people on the planet, Nosara is truly a little slice of paradise.  Over the last two years, I’ve spent several months in Nosara. While that certainly doesn’t … Read more

Playa Avellanas Surf Guide

Playa Avellanas Surf

Playa Avellanas is one of the most fun and beautiful surf breaks in all of Costa Rica.  Aptly nicknamed “Little Hawaii”, this fun surf break has plenty to offer. From gentle, tiny longboarding waves, to a steeper faster shortboarding wave, there is something for every surfer at Playa Avellanas. If you’re intrigued by this lesser-known … Read more