5 Best Portugal Surf Shops

During my Portugal surf trip, I made it my mission to check out as many Portugal surf shops as possible. 

One reason for this mission was that I was planning on buying a surfboard in Portugal. But that wasn’t the only reason. I also wanted to see what type of gear, surf skates, clothes, and art was offered at each surf shop. Surf shops are also a great place to meet other surfers, and chat about the area, and get some nice local tips.

While searching for the best surf shops in Portugal, I met some great people, received helpful information about local surf spots, and found some really cool merch. 

Most of the surf shops in Portugal I went to were really awesome, but a few stood out above the rest, and I wrote this post to highlight them, as well as to give you some guidance on which surf shops you should try to visit in Portugal.

Whether you’re shopping for a surfboard or wetsuit, or trying to buy some great local merch to commemorate your surf trip to Portugal, here are the best surf shops in Portugal!

The best surf shops in Portugal

1. Aljezur Surf Shop

  • Address: Vales, M1003 1, 8670-156 Aljezur, Portugal

Aljezur Surf Shop is my favorite surf shop in Portugal. As the name suggests, this surf shop is located in the Aljezur region of southern Portugal, just minutes away from the gorgeous beach break Arrifana

Aljezur Surf Shop is small, but they have an amazing selection of both new and second-hand surfboards. Rowan even bought a new surfboard here after the airline lost his board on our flight. 

This surf shop also has a small wetsuit collection, and you can buy pretty much any surf gear you need, be it towels, booties, a leash, etc. However, my favorite thing about this surf shop is that they have their own merch line! They carry amazing hoodies, beanies, tees, and even sweats with awesome, custom designs. I’m not one for souvenir shopping when I travel, but I couldn’t bring myself to leave the area without buying one of their hoodies. 

Planning a trip to the gorgeous coastal village of Arrifana? Check out my Arrifana Travel Guide.

2. Underground Surf Shop

Underground Surf Shop, Portugal Surf Shop
  • Address: Av. 1º de Maio 34 D, 2825-393 Costa da Caparica, Portugal

Underground Surf Shop is a small surf shop in Costa da Caparica, just a few minutes walking distance from the water. It really encapsulates the 70s grunge surf culture, and stepping into this surf shop is a little like stepping back in time. I really loved it. The owner, Nunu, is kind, real, and helpful. He helped me pick out a surfboard and full setup, and gave me a great deal on everything. 

He has a great selection of new surfboards available, and if you’re on a budget, he also has a good selection of used boards in the back of the shop. 

If you need to buy a surfboard anywhere near Lisbon, I 100% recommend checking out Underground Surf Shop, especially if you don’t want to spend a fortune. 

There are a lot of surf shops in Costa da Caparica, but it’s definitely nice to support a local guy with a smaller surf shop. 

3. 58 Surf Shop

58 Surf Shop, Portugal Surf Shop
  • Address: Ericeira Surf Center Estrada Nacional 247, 2655-483 Ericeira, Portugal

On the other hand, if you’re looking to check out one of the biggest surf shops in Portugal, you should check out 58 Surf Shop in Ericeira. 58 Surf Shop is like Disneyland for surfers. When you walk in, the very first thing you see is an exhibit of boardshorts from famous surfers, and Shane Dorian’s bright orange and black gun surfboard on the wall. 

Above you, there are hundreds of surfboards rotating around the room just below the ceiling. Inside the surf shop, you’ll find tons of clothing for both men and women, a great wetsuit selection, surf skates, gear, watches, shoes, and TONS of surfboards. 

58 Surf Shop has every surfboard you can imagine! They have foamies, shortboards, longboards, funboards, and even a good selection of used boards for sale. 

They also have high-performance shortboards available for rent- which is not something you can say for most surf shops in Portugal. 

In the back of the surf shop, there is a huge cafe/restaurant. I didn’t eat there, but the food looked good and healthy. There were also a ton of people there with laptops working, so it seems like a good place to grab a coffee and get some work done if you need to. 

4. Surfers Lab

Surfers Lab, Portugal Surf Shop
  • Address: Estrada Nacional 268, 8650-355 Sagres, Portugal

Surfers Lab is another great surf shop in Portugal. They have a great selection of used and new surfboards, wetsuits, ponchos, and clothing. One of my favorite things about this Portugal surf shop was their clothing selection- they had a really nice array of clothing, shoes, and swimsuits. Surfers Lab offers surf rentals, surf lessons, and even ding repair. They also carry nice travel bags for surfboards. 

5. Boardculture Store Carcavelos

  • Address: Rua de Itália, R. Qta de São Gonçalo Nº34 Loja D, 2775-407 Carcavelos, Portugal

For how many people that visit, live, and surf in the Lisbon area, the surf shops in the area are pretty limited. Rowan and I spent two full days exploring the area, and hitting every surf shop from Costa da Caparica to Cascais. While most didn’t have what we were looking for, Boardculture Store Carcavelos was a good surf shop with friendly staff, and a huge selection of new surfboards for sale. Boardculture was also one of the few surf shops we found that had double board bags. They also had nice wetsuits, clothing, and gear. The only downside is that everything at this store is pretty expensive. 

The best Portugal surf shops- Final thoughts

Portugal has a lot of great surf shops. If you’re planning a visit and wondering how to pack for a Portugal surf trip, consider buying whatever surf gear you might need in Portugal, rather than buying it and shipping it over from your home country. The local surf shops in Portugal will appreciate your business, and you might find something really unique. 

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