7 Best Arrifana Restaurants

I recently spent a few months living, working, surfing and exploring Arrifana, Portugal. Whenever I explore a new place, one of my favorite things to do is to try to dine at all of the local restaurants and figure out which ones are my favorites. 

Arrifana is such a small town, but there are still several amazing Arrifana restaurants to explore. 

Here’s my breakdown of the best Arrifana restaurants:

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1. Maxi’s Warung

Pad Thai from Maxi's Warung, one of the best Arrifana restaurants
  • Location: Urbanização Vale da Telha Sector B, bloco D CP1711, 8670-156 Aljezur, Portugal
  • Website: maxiswarung.com
  • Price range: $$

Maxi’s Warung is by far my favorite Arrifana restaurant. A Warung is a type of small family-run business in Indonesia, and Maxi’s has that sweet little family-run atmosphere, and also serves absolutely incredible Thai and Indonesian food. 

Bami Goreng from Maxis Warung, one of the best restaurants in Arrifana
Bami Goreng from Maxis- I could eat this every single day!

I probably ate at Maxi’s over 15 times during my surf trip to Arrifana, and my favorite menu items were by far the Nasi Goreng, and the Mi Goreng. Most bowls are 12-15 euro, but they’re HUGE- you will almost definitely have leftovers, unless you’re insanely hungry post-surf.

In addition to bowls, Maxi’s also serves soups, skewers, curries, and more. They also have tasty cocktails, beers, wines, coffees, and soft drinks.

Check their website for current hours, because they are open more often during the summer/peak season, and with more limited hours during the winter/slow season.

2. Sea You Surf Cafe

Arrifana Beach Sea You Surf Cafe

Sea You Surf Cafe is another great restaurant in Arrifana. This small, seaside cafe has a comfortable outdoor seating area with a mix of tables and couches for lounging, along with a cozy inside area for those chilly mornings. 

Sea You Surf Cafe is open for breakfast and lunch in the off season/winter, and they’re also open for dinner during the summer. I recommend checking the Sea You Surf Cafe instagram page for their most up to date hours. 

I ate breakfast at Sea You Surf quite a few times during my stay in Arrifana, while exploring and surfing the Algarve. For breakfast, Sea You Surf has some delicious breakfast bowls and plates. I personally really enjoyed their breakfast bowl with bacon or black beans, avocado, and scrambled eggs. 

They also have little sandwiches, little toasts, smoothies, and more! For lunch/dinner, they have soups, burgers, salads, and their specialty- filet mignon. You also can’t go wrong with their desserts!

Brownie with ice cream from Sea You Surf Cafe in Arrifana

If you’re visiting in the summer, Sea You Surf usually has live music on Sundays, which is a fun way to meet other people in this sweet little Portuguese surf town

Finally, Sea You Surf also has super yummy coffee drinks, beer, wine, and cocktails. 

3. Arte Bianca

  • Location: Urbanização Vale da Telha sector B 8670 Arifana
  • Website: artebianca.pt/en
  • Price range: $$

Arte Bianca is a delicious Italian-style pizza place in Arrifana Beach. Arte Bianca mostly serves incredible pizzas, but they also have several starters like garlic focaccia and cheese plates. They also have salads, fresh pastas, and a few entrees. 

In terms of pizza, Arte Bianca has a “Pizza Gourmet” option, a “Pizza Crunch” list, and their classic pizzas. The gourmet pizzas are typically a little smaller, a little sweeter, and very delicious. I loved the “Algarve” pizza with sweet marinated figs and mouthwatering cheese. 

Of the classic pizzas, I tried quite a few, but I was absolutely in love with the Pizza Genovese, with delicious pesto and parmesan. Rowan and I probably had the Pizza Genovese at least 5 times during our trip, it was that good. 

Arte Bianca also has soft drinks, cocktails, beer, and digestifs on their menu. 

There is also an Arte Bianca in the neighboring surf town Sagres, and in Aljezur. 

4. Hokapia Burgers Arrifana

  • Location: Urbanização Arrifamar Lote 43 44, 8670-111 Aljezur, Portugal
  • Website: hokapia.com
  • Price range: $$

Hokapia Burgers is another good restaurant in Arrifana, although it’s pretty different from the other options on this list. Hokapia is a restaurant inside HI Arifana Destination Hostel, located right on the cliff sides overlooking Arrifana.

It’s not really a typical restaurant, and you just order from the hostel bar and get your burger. However, it’s definitely worth mentioning because the views from the rooftop bar are absolutely BREATHTAKING. It’s the perfect place to watch the sunset… besides Arrifana beach of course! Plus, the sandwiches and burgers are pretty good and they also have a great happy hour.  

5. Sector B Hamburgueria

Chicken wings with a woman drinking wine in the background at a restaurant in Arrifana Portugal
  • Location: Vale De Telha, Sector B, Aljezur, Faro, 8670-156 Aljezur C.Postal 286, 8670-156, Portugal
  • Website: sectorbhamburgueria.negocio.site
  • Price range: $-$$

While Hokapia is great for the views and the happy hour, you really can’t beat Sector B Hamburgueria when it comes to burgers in Arrifana. They have a really nice outdoor seating area, plenty of indoor seating for those colder nights, and a very affordable drink menu. 

While Rowan and I were surfing and traveling through Portugal, we were curious if there were any restaurants where we could get chicken wings from, or “asas de frango” in Portuguese. Turns out, Sector B Hamburgueria is one of the few places in Southern Portugal that serves chicken wings, and they’re pretty good too! 

6. Sushinami PT

  • Location: Urbanizaçao Vale da Telha, Sector B, Edifício L, 8670-156 Aljezur, Portugal
  • Website: sushinami.pt
  • Price range: $$ 

Sushinami is a delicious little sushi place across the parking lot from Sector B Hamburgueria. I tried some of their tempura and handrolls, and they were both excellent. Plus, the owners and all the people working there were really nice and welcoming. 

If you do want to eat here, (and I do recommend it!) Be sure to bring some cash along because this Arrifana restaurant is cash only. 

Tempura from Sushinami in Arrifana
Sushi Handrolls from SushiNami

7. Várzea

Swordfish Steak from Varzea in Aljezur
  • Location: E. N. 120, Quinta do Sabugueiro, r/c, 8670-122 Aljezur, Portugal
  • Website: varzea.business.site
  • Price range: $$-$$$

Finally, Várzea is definitely one of the best restaurants in Arrifana if you’re looking to enjoy traditional Portuguese food. The ambiance at Várzea is very elegant, and they have a beautiful outdoor seating area, and plenty of indoor seating- it’s a pretty big place! 

Plus, the staff is super friendly- our server was a really nice guy from Brazil, and we had a great time chatting with him about the local surf spots. 

Várzea is the place to go if you want to try fresh fish and amazing steak. I loved the tuna tartare, and Rowna got a delicious swordfish steak. The cocktails at Várzea are also amazing- the passionfruit sangria was one of the best sangrias I’ve ever had! 

Best restaurants in Arrifana- final thoughts

That’s a wrap to my guide to the best Arrifana restaurants! In addition to checking out new surf spots around the world, one of my favorite things to do in a new place is to try all the local restaurants and share them with you guys. I hope you found this guide helpful to planning your trip to the beautiful Arrifana. 

Happy surfing! 

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