Arrifana Surf- Your Ultimate Guide

Arrifana Surf

Tucked away in the Algarve lies one of the most beautiful surf beaches in Portugal- Praia Arrifana. The sheltered bay of Arrifana boasts sparkling blue waters, a cheerful and welcoming atmosphere, as well as fun and consistent surf. This surfing paradise is excellent for beginners, and the Arrifana surf can also deliver something special for … Read more

The Ultimate Portugal Surf Trip Packing List

Portugal surf trip packing list

Portugal is a contender for the best surf in all of Europe, and one of the best destinations in the world for a surf trip. While you’ve surely heard of Nazarre, the surf in Portugal is more than that. It’s a rich surfing history in Cascais.  It’s world class barrels at Supertubos.  It’s sunny, dreamy … Read more

11 Best Sunscreens for Surfers {Reef-safe}

best sunscreen for surfers

As surfers, we spend hours and hours under the sun. And, our sun exposure is only amplified by the sun reflecting on the water.  If you’re surfing in tropical destinations closer to the equator, the sun is even stronger.  That’s why it’s so incredibly important to have a solid, reef safe sunscreen you can depend … Read more

7 Best Beginner Surf Spots in Costa Rica

Costa Rica surf for beginners

Costa Rica has some of the best surfing in the world- for beginners, intermediate, and advanced surfers alike.  If you’re wanting to learn how to surf, the warm waters, consistent swells, and variety of beaches make Costa Rica a great place to learn!  However, there are a ton of different beaches in Costa Rica, and … Read more

13 Best Hotels in Nosara for Every Budget

Nosara Costa Rica is a quaint surf town located in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica. In Nosara, you can find great surf, unspoiled beaches, and delicious restaurants.  Due to its growing popularity, it can be difficult to find accommodations in Nosara, particularly during the high season in Costa Rica, from late November- April.  To … Read more

23 BEST Surf Accessories for Surfers of ALL Levels

auto beach car desert

One of my favorite things about surfing is how beautifully little the sport requires. All you need is a swimsuit/trunks, board, leash, maybe a wetsuit and you’re good to go.  While the minimalism of the sport is undeniably awesome, there are still loads of surf accessories that can make your life easier, and are also … Read more