5 Best Algarve Surf Camps Reviewed {2023 Guide}

If you’re considering planning a surf trip to the Algarve, you’re in for a real treat. I recently spent a few months surfing, road tripping, and exploring all over the Algarve. Not only are the waves incredible, but the people are also so kind, the views are absolutely breathtaking, and the air is crisp and wonderful. There are also several amazing Algarve surf camps. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced surfer, there’s an Algarve surf camp that’s perfect for you. In this guide, I’ve broken down the best  surf camps in  the Algarve, noted what surf levels they offer, if they offer video surf analysis, the location, price range, and more. 

Let’s jump in! 

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In a hurry? Here’s a quick rundown of the 5 best Algarve surf camps:

1. Russo Surf Resort– Overall Best Algarve Surf Camp

2. Tiny Whale Surf Lodge– Best high-end Algarve surf camp

3. Sagres Natura Surf & Stay– Best budget Algarve surf camp

4. Vida Pura Surf Camp– Best for a quiet escape

5. The Surf Experience– Best for surf and Portuguese culture

5 amazing Algarve surf camps

Without further ado, here are the best surf camps in the Algarve:

1. Russo Surf Resort–  Overall Best Algarve Surf Camp

Russo Surf Camp/Best Algarve Surf Camps
Russo Surf Resort/ Starting at $654 for 7 nights & 8 days
  • All-inclusive: yes yes and yes
  • Location: Vale Figueiras

If you can only pick one surf camp in the Algarve- Russo Surf Resort is the place to go. This incredible Algarve surf camp is located in the gorgeous, super remote region of the Algarve known as Vale Figueiras. The beaches here are literally untouched, and offer some of the least crowded surf in Portugal

This Algarve surf camp knows what they’re doing. They’re working with local surf schools and instructors that have been teaching surf since 2003, so you’re guaranteed to have good, knowledgeable, and skilled instructors. The surf camps at Russo Surf Resort have options for beginners, intermediate, and advanced level surfers. They’re aren’t a lot of surf camps out there that really cater to advanced riders, so this is pretty special. 

Russo Surf Resort recommends starting the surf program on a Monday, so you can stick to the itinerary they’ve laid out. And it’s SO GOOD. I love how each day, you know exactly what you’re doing. A lot of surf camps say they cater to advanced surfers, but don’t actually delve into the details. 

Not with Russo Surf Resort! No matter what level surfer you are, you know exactly what you’re going to be working on. Whether you’re a beginner surfer learning how to position your feet correctly, an intermediate working on catching green waves, or an advanced surfer trying to perfect your turns, it’s all covered in their surf camp program. 

PLUS, they do surf photos, and video analysis in their camps. 

In terms of accommodations, Russo Surf Resort is pretty hard to beat. Their surf resort is a modern, Portuguese country home, overlooking the ocean. The resort has a swimming pool, hammocks, a trampoline, skate ramp, and more. 

If you’re not already sold… Their surf camps are all-inclusive, and include ALL MEALS. They provide healthy breakfasts, lunches, and delicious, three-course dinners. They’re accommodating too- they offer a gluten free menu, and also a vegetarian menu. And don’t forget the Saturday night BBQ and pool table. 

If you’re looking for an amazing Algarve surf camp where the program is entirely laid out for you, 1000000% go with Russo Surf Resort. 

Special features:

  • Detailed beginner, intermediate, and advanced surf program
  • Gorgeous surf resort overlooking the Atlantic
  • Pool table, skate ramp, swimming pool
  • Video analysis included

2. Tiny Whale Surf Lodge– Best High-End Algarve Surf Camp

Tiny Whale Surf Lodge/ Best Algarve surf Camps
Tiny Whale Surf Lodge/ Starting at $1,262 for 7 nights & 8 days
  • All-inclusive: yes
  • Location: Lagos

Tiny Whale Surf Lodge is another phenomenal surf camp in the Algarve. However, they do things a little differently than most surf camps- and it’s pretty sweet. 

Location-wise, Tiny Whale Surf Lodge is situated in Lagos. While the surf in Lagos isn’t usually amazing, they’re centrally located, and within a short drive of so many awesome surf spots in the Algarve. 

Rather than focus on one beach, and take their surf students to the same beach every day like most surf camps, Tiny Whale Surf Lodge drives you to the best surf spot in the Algarve for that given day. So depending on how the surf is that week, you might get to surf all over the Algarve! Tiny Whale Surf Lodge wants their guests to be able to ride the best possible waves every day for your skill level, the swell, and the given conditions. 

During a day at Tiny Whale Surf Lodge, you’ll wake up, enjoy a delicious healthy breakfast, and drive to the beach for your first surf coaching session. You’ll then have a picnic on the beach, and then do your second coaching session before heading back to Tiny Whale Surf Lodge, where you’ll enjoy a two-course meal cooked by their on-site chef. 

Besides a fun night out in Lagos, this Algarve surf camp includes all meals, video sessions, all surfing equipment, and accommodations at the beautiful surf house. 

Tiny Whale Surf Lodge isn’t your typical backpackers surf camp either- the facilities are gorgeous, they have a lovely firepit, luxurious rooms, and a beautiful pool. It’s more of a surf resort. If you’re looking for something a little more upscale in the Algarve- this is it. 

Special features:

  • Video surf analysis included
  • All meals included
  • Luxury accommodations
  • Daily transport to the best surf spots in the Algarve, as opposed to a week at the same surf spot

3. Sagres Natura Surf & Stay– Best budget Algarve surf camp

Sagres Natura/
Sagres Natura/ Starting at $492 for 7 nights & 8 days
  • All-inclusive: Everything but dinner is included
  • Location: Sagres

If you’re looking for an Algarve surf camp that offers more of a balance between surfing, nightlife, and exploring, you should definitely look into Sagres Natura Surf & Stay, located in Sagres– at the very southern tip of Portugal. 

Sagres Natura Surf & Stay is a good surf camp for beginners and intermediate surfers. This surf camp includes all equipment, 5 surfing days with surf guiding or lessons, beach transport, breakfast, lunch, and accommodations at their lovely Portuguese surf house. 

This surf camp is a great option if you’re keen on being able to go out and explore the best things to do in Sagres. Sagres Natura Surf & Stay is within walking distance of bars, restaurants, and the Old Sagres Fort- which is super cool to explore. 

Sagres is also super unique in that it allows you to surf on both the south coast and the west coast, making it a great choice for surfers of all levels all year round. When the waves are too big for beginners on the west coast in winter, you can still go and surf the south coast !

At Sagres Natura Surf Camp, you’ll have the opportunity to not only improve your surfing skills but also explore the town of Sagres. This is a good Algarve surf camp if you not only want to surf, but you also want access to nightlife and be able to explore a bigger town.

Special features:

  • Access to surf spots on both the south and west coasts of Portugal
  • Within walking distance of restaurants and nightlife
  • Affordable

4. Vida Pura Surf Camp– Best for a quiet escape

Vida Pura Surf Camp
Vida Pura Surf Camp/ Starting at $364 for 3 nights & 4 days
  • All-inclusive: no
  • Location: Odeceixe

If you’re short on time but yearning to disconnect from everyday life with like minded individuals, check out Vida Pura Surf Camp

This surf camp is short and sweet. It includes 2 surf lessons, and 2 yoga classes, perfect if you’re taking a long surf weekend from somewhere nearby in Europe. 

You’ll stay in a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind bamboo apartment nestled in the picturesque Portuguese hills. The surroundings are very quiet and peaceful, the perfect place to unplug and feel grounded. Breakfast and a welcome drink are included. 

Special features:

  • Accommodations in a bamboo apartment surrounded by art
  • Emphasis on mindfulness and inner peace

5. The Surf Experience– Best for surf and Portuguese culture

The Surf Experience Algarve
The Surf Experience/ Starting at $840 for 9 nights & 10 days
  • All-inclusive: Everything included except for dinner
  • Location: Lagos

The Surf Experience, located in Lagos, is an amazing Algarve surf camp that caters  to surfers of all levels. They offer tailored surf coaching for beginners, intermediates, and advanced riders to help you drastically improve your surfing over the course of just one week.

One of the things that sets The Surf Experience apart from other surf camps is their Surfari experience. Each day, they’ll drive you to whatever the best break in the Algarve is, ensuring you get the best waves possible for your skill level and the given conditions. And with breakfast and lunches included, you can focus on surfing and enjoying the stunning surroundings without worrying about where to find food during the day. 

At night is another story- dinners at the camp aren’t included, but I personally love this because it gives you a chance to get out in Lagos and try some restaurants. And Lagos has a LOT of good restaurants!  

Accommodations at The Surf Experience are located in an adapted townhouse right in the heart of Lagos, giving you easy access to all the sights, sounds, and tastes of this gorgeous Portuguese beach town. There’s a beautiful outdoor space with two terraces for you to enjoy, along with a BBQ, perfect for relaxing after a long day of surfing.

Overall, if you’re looking for a surf camp that caters to all levels of surfers and offers a unique Surfari experience, look no further than The Surf Experience. With great coaching, excellent accommodations, and stunning surroundings, it’s a fantastic surf camp in the Algarve. 

Special features:

  • They drive you to the best surf breaks
  • Located right in the heart of Lagos

Algarve surf camp FAQs

What time of year is best to surf in Algarve?

It depends on your level! For beginner surfers, summer/early fall is a good time for surfing in the Algarve. For intermediates, fall & spring is a good time to surf in the Algarve. Advanced surfers will find the most consistent Algarve surf during the winter. 

Where can I surf in the Algarve in the summer?

Your best bet for surfing in the Algarve during the summer is on the west coast. 

Is the Algarve too hot in the summer?

The Algarve can get very, very hot during the summer. However, if you spend most of your time in the water during your trip, it’ll be enjoyable. 

Are there mosquitoes in the Algarve?

OH YEAH. BIG TIME. I might just be the world’s largest mosquito magnet, and I got absolutely chomped in the Algarve. One time I stepped outside for like 2 minutes to watch the sunset in Arrifana, and already had like 20 mosquito bites, THROUGH MY LEGGINGS. Yeah so definitely bring some bug spray. You can order it online and bring it with you on your trip, or pick some up from the local Farmacia. For more on what to pack for a surf trip to the Algarve, check out my ultimate Portugal surf trip packing list.

Is the Algarve a tourist trap?

Nope. The Algarve is a large, beautiful, outdoor escape. It’s definitely not a tourist trap. With that said- it’s not nearly as rugged, unknown, and untouched as blogs from 5+ years ago will have you believe. You can’t just roll up in your campervan, park/camp wherever you want and have the whole beach to yourself. It might have been like that 5 years ago- that’s no longer the case. But it’s still beautiful and amazing to visit. 

Why book a surf camp in the Algarve?

Praia Bordeira, Aljezur Surf

Planning a surf trip is a lot of work. You’ve got to book accommodation, transportation to/from the beach (if you’re not within walking distance of the breaks), either bring or rent surfboards and equipment, etc. Don’t get me wrong- I love planning surf trips like this. 

HOWEVER- sometimes it’s nice to simply show up, and have everything handled. You don’t need to worry about booking lessons, accommodations, surfboard rentals, and in some cases, meals! It’s often all included in your surf camp. 

Additionally, surf camps are an amazing way to make friends and meet other surfers. Plus, surf camps, especially in Portugal, are surprisingly affordable. When it’s all said and done, sometimes booking a surf camp might be cheaper than booking and planning everything independently. 

How to choose from the best Algarve surf camps

Here are some important factors to keep in mind when choosing from the best Algarve surf camps, along with how to plan your surf trip to Portugal! 


One of the key components to consider when choosing from the best Algarve surf camps is budget. While for the most part, surf camps in Portugal are fairly affordable, there are still some Algarve surf camps that are cheaper than others. 

The good news is, there are some really affordable surf camps in the Algarve. Portugal in general is pretty affordable, especially compared to other European destinations, which is really nice. 

Skill Level

When choosing a surf camp, you need to look at the skill level that the surf camp caters to. If you’re an absolute beginner, be sure to book a surf camp that caters to beginners. If you’re an intermediate or advanced surfer, make sure that the surf camp caters to intermediate or advanced riders! 

Most surf camps are great for beginners- not as many are good for intermediate surfers. With that said, there are a few gems in the Algarve that do cater to more experienced surfers

Does the surf camp offer video analysis?

More and more surf camps are offering video analysis nowadays, which is totally awesome. Video analysis is crucial for intermediate and advanced surfers trying out new maneuvers, and working on improving their form, and making those little adjustments that make a huge difference

Video analysis can be super helpful for beginners too! Wondering why you’re having a hard time popping up? Video analysis might reveal exactly what you need to work on to catch more waves. 

If you’re interested in video analysis, be sure to go to a surf camp in the Algarve that offers video analysis. Several do! 


Where in the Algarve do you want to surf? While some of these Algarve surf camps drive their students around all over to find the best breaks, some are situated at one specific surf break. If there is a specific surf town or surf spot in the Algarve you want to go to, choose a surf camp based there! 

All-inclusive or no

Finally, decide if you want to stay at an all-inclusive surf camp or not. All-inclusive surf camps are nice if you literally just want to focus on surfing, and have all your meals taken care of. However, if you’re interested in exploring around the Algarve and trying different restaurants, maybe you don’t want to stay at an all-inclusive surf camp.

Best Algarve Surf Camps- Final thoughts

That’s a wrap on my guide to the best Algarve surf camps. The Algarve is pure magic. From the surfing, to the views, to the people, to the weather- it’s amazing. In fact, all of the surf in Portugal is pretty amazing too.

If you’re considering a surf trip to the Algarve- just go! You won’t regret it.

Interested in more surf camps? Check out my brand new guide to the best surf camps in Ericeira.

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